How to Pack Like a Pro

1. pack every piece of technology you own

2. forget to pack any and all chargers

3. because you failed to plan for the trip, pack everything (literally everything) you own, just in case; use maybe 1/8 of what you packed

4. forget the following: toothbrush, underwear, a pair of shoes aside from the crappy sneakers you plan to wear on the plane, contact solution…

5. pack 3 socks, not 3 pairs, just 3 socks

6. go through the trouble of checking-in online and printing your boarding pass only to leave the boarding pass at home

7. realize at the airport that your credit card and id are still at the bar from last night

8. think “fuck! now i’m going to have to leave that bitch a 20% tip!”

9. realize too late that your expensive moisturizers, perfume/cologne, hair products… are in your carry-on and will be thrown away by the evil tsa

10. wait 4 hours to check in again only to learn you’re at the wrong airport

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