Before You Even Think About Taking Me Home…

please answer the following yes/no questions:

1. do you have any hobbies/passions (aside from yourself)?

2. do you have a huge… vocabulary?

3. are you excited at the prospect of new things? (and I don’t just mean in bed, though that’s nice too)

4. does ambition turn you on?

5. do you read for fun? (and I don’t mean “the articles” in maxim)

6. do you recognize the following: aristotle, jane austen, dr. seuss, joe biden (despite how you feel about him), michelangelo (and i don’t mean the ninja turtle)?

7. do you want to hold my hand? Even in public? Even in front of your friends?

8. do you like listening to me as much as you like kissing me?

9. do you have more than one interesting story to tell?

10. do you prefer to think of life as an adventure?

11. do you find me excruciatingly beautiful?

12. will you call me tomorrow?

*if you answered ‘yes’ to 1-12, what are you doing friday night?

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