Are You Really Going to Eat That?!?!

What to Give Up For Lent:

1. guilt

2. honesty: don’t tell people how you really feel. be nice for a change.

3. caffeine (just kidding… see:

4. paperwork: you can coast by for 40 days

5. deadlines: if you claim it’s for a religious reason, can anyone really say anything?

6. making a fool of yourself (good luck)

7. your arch-nemesis. this 40-day truce will make her drop her guard too, so 40 days later you can seek the ultimate revenge. this way everyone wins.

8. cleaning: find peace in the chaos

9. sarcasm (yeah, right)

10. political correctness

11. your mother-in-law

12. returning phone calls

13. health food

14. exercise

15. lent (unless you gave up irony for the season)

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