How to Be a Hipster: Lesson Two

the importance of posing:

1. finding a dark corner will improve your air of mystery

2. the bigger the hat, the cooler you are

3. purchase a french bulldog and take her/him with you everywhere – literally, everywhere

4. never wash away the stamp from the venue you were at last night/last weekend/last year – without that stamp you’ll never remember the good times you’ve had

5. to prove you are the ultimate bad ass, try smoking indoors

6. live beyond your means. you deserve to have the universe provide for you – after all, you are the ultimate in cool

7. only ever wear vintage – or homemade – apparel

8. be a vegan (at least in public, when people are watching….)

9. add an extremist label (at least in theory) to yourself. for example: anarchist

10. the brighter the hair, the more dedicated you are to the cause

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