How to Entertain Yourself at Work

1. learn to curse in a foreign language

2. curse at co-workers in a foreign language

3. learn that co-worker you cursed at is fluent in afforementioned language

4. apologize profusely (in english)

5. go to lunch

6. delegate all those tasks you’ve been putting off to an intern

7. have awkward encounter in the bathroom with bilingual co-worker from the morning

8. avoid getting pushed down a flight of stairs by intern

9. rearrange all those pesky paperclips in your desk

10. google translate the email your intern accidentally cced you on that was sent to the bilingual co-worker

11. look up “what an ironic way to end today” in a foreign language and reply all with the translation

12. know that you not only saved yourself from the shame you felt this morning, but that you had the last word

13. get stuck in the elevator with bilingual co-worker and intern

14. call in sick for the rest of the week while things in the office “cool down”

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2 Responses to How to Entertain Yourself at Work

  1. JoAnn says:

    Excellent suggestions! We all need productive ways to pass the time.

  2. your funny, girl. now i read yours, u gotta read mine.

    and let me know if u want some killer things to say to people in espanol.
    i got u gurrrl

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