How You Know You’ve Made a Good Decision made the decision quickly and/or on a whim (*see #8) declared at least twice in the process of making said decision that you’re “not even drunk,” thus proven your state of inebriation – as there is no reason anyone would question whether you are intoxicated while you are sober.

3. you made the purchase with a credit card because you don’t actually have the cash to pay for it all right now (*see #5)

4. those around you when you made said decision refused to take responsibility for it (though you know deep down they also think it’s a good idea and are just jealous)

5. what you purchased will “pay for itself” (one day anyway… fingers crossed…)

6. the more paperwork, the better the idea (especially when the paperwork can be dealt with at a much later date)

7. there’s a good chance you will never tell your parents/spouse/children/anyone you respect about this decision

8. you know that if you “sleep on it” you probably won’t go through with it

9. once made, there is no going back

10. you agreed to it due to a dare, double-dare, double-dog-dare and/or after being threatened with the term “chicken”

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3 Responses to How You Know You’ve Made a Good Decision

  1. tracy says:

    hahahha, i see you had a productive morning. i need to keep this list on hand to make that i can check everything off before making all my decisions/repost it on my blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rhiannon says:

    Oh good! Then buying my house was definitely a good idea ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Annabelle says:


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