A World Without Caffeine…

week 1: fall asleep at work. get reprimanded

week 2: fall asleep on way to work. get reprimanded for being late

week 3: fall asleep at work again. procure meth, crack and/or cocaine after work to use as caffeine alternative

week 4: get to work early (after not sleeping the night before) and work like a fiend due to aforementioned narcotics

week 5: crash hard. sleep through work week.

week 6: cry often due to both caffeine and now meth withdrawal

week 7: offer meth dealer apartment to use as a lab in exchange for free supply

week 8: lose job, but who needs a job when you’ve got a meth dealer for a bet friend/boyfriend (crossing one more item off 2011 to-do list… if i could just find that to do list… wait… or… what what i just saying…)

week 9: lose apartment (partially due to lack of income, though mostly due to meth lab explosion in the bathroom)

week 10: go to rehab, reluctantly

a world without caffeine is a world in which i could never live…
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3 Responses to A World Without Caffeine…

  1. JoAnn says:

    But caffiene is a major food group!!!

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