Plans for the Weekend

1. wake up early with the intention of doing work

2. watch hulu in bed instead of opening work

3. take a nap

4. wake up from nap in a rage because nothing’s been done yet. vow to accomplish something!

5. look at to-do list and decide to watch just one more episode of tv,
while eating breakfast (this makes it okay)

6. do some work

7. go to a cafe to buy coffee, despite the coffeemaker and grinds at home

8. check email 40 times

9. check facebook

10. comment on EVERYONE’s facebook status

11. start to check the first actual thing off to-do list but realize you
haven’t really finished it

12. scream some obscenities at the list

13. go to brunch

14. drink too much at brunch, even though you said “only one mimosa this time!”

15. angrily/drunkenly try to accomplish something on the to do list
because you’re really serious about getting things done this weekend

16. go out dancing/drink more – swear you’re only staying out until

17.stumble back home at 4:30am, update facebook status to something nonsensical and crash (though this part will be hard to recall in the morning)

18. repeat steps 1-15 on sunday

19. accomplish nothing on the to-do list

20. resist posting a blog about my lack of accomplishments this weekend

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2 Responses to Plans for the Weekend

  1. Michelle says:

    This is my life…daily. (Even when I go to work). It’s weird…like we’re related or something???

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