On Punching People in the Face

there have been many times that I’ve considered punching someone in the face. today i weigh the pros and cons of acting on this urge.

1. the satisfaction of fist-hitting-face would be a priceless experience
2. feeling like a proverbial “man”
3. being able to cross something off the “bucket list”
4. having the last word (unless of course they hit back… -see cons)
5. knowing that you did something for the good of all mankind, since the person requiring a punch has probably deserved many a punch before this one – but you were the one to finally strike back!
1. the person on the receiving end of said punch might punch back, leaving some kind of bruise (but it would make a great story, so maybe this is really a pro?)
2. looking like you’re unstable and/or have some sort of rage issue…
3… that’s about it…
in conclusion: the pros far outweigh the cons when considering whether or not to punch someone in the face.
the end.
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2 Responses to On Punching People in the Face

  1. Jackie says:

    Here here! I often consider this at least 40 times through out the day. Is it cool to start a girl fight club, because I am sure you will have members lines up.

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