2011 To Do List:

-land that dream job
-find a nicer apartment closer to the train (and with a dishwasher)
-find a boyfriend
-find a personal assistant who will work for free and/or coffee (unless the boyfriend could maybe serve this purpose too)
-develop cool catchphrase or maybe a cool nickname… maybe both…
-go to the gym more… no, really… um… go to the gym more?
-learn krav maga (in case the new boyfriend tries to renig on his personal assistant tasks – i mean, the relationship!)
-throw more parties (to meet these boyfriend/personal assistant characters, of course)
-learn a new language, then quickly forget it unless drunk
-learn to invest in the stock market (and/or learn to successfully and untraceably drain bank accounts of the wealthy into my own)
-travel to a new country (avoid blogging about how the toilets and/or beer is different there b/c everyone seems to only ever notice these 2 things when traveling)
-figure out why people are so fascinated by foreign toilets and beer
-join some kind of club, start some sort of club or maybe just write off clubs altogether if i can’t get myself into one or get people to join mine
-write a successful blog (bam! done! crossing off the list…)
-dream bigger and make it happen
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2 Responses to 2011 To Do List:

  1. Annabelle says:

    toilets and beer make the world go round. you can join my dirty book club! now you can cross something else off haha.

  2. dracoling says:

    If you can get the boyfriend to wash dishes while answering the phone you can cross three things off the list at once. Call it a supercombo!

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